In The Moment – Meditation & Breathing, Contemplation & Renewal (Part 3)

Stress, poor posture, snug clothes, and habit are some of the reasons that keep us from breathing properly. We wind up using our chest muscles instead of our abdomen.

Belly breathing, also called diaphragmatic breathing, is a simple deep breathing technique that teaches you how to use your diaphragm, a sheet of muscle at the bottom of our lungs and the most important muscle for breathing.

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In The Moment – Meditation & Breathing, Contemplation & Renewal (Part 2)

Being in the moment is furthered through sound.

Use of mantra is an excellent method for reducing stress, tension and other stress-related symptoms.

Herbert Benson, MD, coined the term Relaxation Response, “a state that is opposite to the stress response”, after he investigated Transcendental Meditation and found that people who practiced TM could lower their heart rate, their blood pressure and slow their breathing by significant percentages.

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In The Moment – Meditation & Breathing, Contemplation & Renewal

Dr. Duckworth’s Studies & Practice (Part 1)

In modern terminology, it is sometimes called “Mindful Meditation” or “Mindfulness Meditation”; it is also termed “One-pointedness of Mind Meditation.”   People often think of Hinduism, Buddhism or Zen Buddhism when they speak of meditation, but this practice is not about religion, though it definitely is about the ‘A’ dimension, the realm of Spirit.  The realm of stress-free, relaxed, peacefulness that comes when the mind is quiet; when the mind is focused on one thought or better still, no thought. 

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Q & A

Question: What is Natural Life Therapy Clinic?

Answer: Natural Life Therapy.

NLTC embodies the M. Masahilo Nakazono lineage of Pulse Diagnosis, Tactile Meridian Therapy and Nonphysical energetic reinforcement through Sound meditation and exercises to enhance healing energies based in the ancient system of Kototama. This lineage includes Energy Diagnosis through Roku Bu Jio Myaku, the 12 pulses of the wrist; Chu Myaku, the Life Energy pulse and Jingei/Sunko Myaku, the Three Yin/Three Yang pulse. His treatments were always grounded in pulse diagnosis. 

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