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Question: What is Natural Life Therapy Clinic?

Answer: Natural Life Therapy.

Sensei Nakazono has spent the last fifty years very purposefully pursuing ‘the Way of Final Truth.’ This quest has taken him to near perfection of the traditional martial arts; rigorous years of spiritual practices; and decades of testing, questioning and perfecting all aspects of traditional oriental medicine.  It led him to Ueshiba Osensei and mastery of Aikido; to Professor Ohsawa and the practice of Macrobiotics; to Sakai Sensei, the master of healing with the hands; and to Ogasawara Sensei, who guided him toward understanding the Kototama Principle.
— Guide to Inochi (Life) Medicine, copyright 1985
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NLTC embodies the M. Masahilo Nakazono lineage of Pulse Diagnosis, Tactile Meridian Therapy and Nonphysical energetic reinforcement through Sound meditation and exercises to enhance healing energies based in the ancient system of Kototama. This lineage includes Energy Diagnosis through Roku Bu Jio Myaku, the 12 pulses of the wrist; Chu Myaku, the Life Energy pulse and Jingei/Sunko Myaku, the Three Yin/Three Yang pulse. His treatments were always grounded in pulse diagnosis. 


These three aspects of ancient diagnostic knowledge utilized in combination are particularly unique to the highly refined form of diagnosis and treatment Nakazono Osensei termed Kototama Natural Life Therapy. This system incorporates traditional Japanese Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Tactile therapy; traditional herbal and dietary practices; and Ki development (the exercises that allow the Life Energy to flow from the practitioner’s hands).  It is the culmination of Osensei’s decades of studies of oriental naturopathic medicine, martial arts, Shinto and Buddhist principles, macrobiotics and, of course, the Kototama Principle (used in deeper understanding of the Five Element theory, the relationships of the meridians and the enrichment of verbal communications); the codification which brought seemingly different therapies and philosophies into a complete logic.


Osensei guided the training of 112 people in his way of diagnosis and treatment. He personally trained and designated four students to continue ‘the way of the medicine.’ In 1987, these four: Jiro and Kasuharu Nakazono, his two sons; Jean Claude Tavernier, his apprentice in France and Thomas Duckworth, his apprentice in the United States were acknowledged as having completed their studies with him and in 1987 were designated “Doctor of Kototama Life Medicine.” Osensei died October 8, 1994.

Natural Life Therapy Clinic opened its doors in Santa Fe in 1980 and relocated to St. Louis in 1998. It has been at its present location since 2002 and continues to provide the in-depth diagnostic skills and treatment protocols developed by Nakazono Osensei and based on the Kototama Principle. This is the basis of our consistent healthcare at Natural Life Therapy Clinic.