STL's Best Kept Secret, IAALM

Did you know Natural Life Therapy Clinic has a ‘sister’ organization?

Institute of American Acupuncture & Life Medicine (IAALM) is a 501(c)(3) Health Services organization dedicated to furthering Kototama Natural Life Medicine, the healing arts developed and taught by M. Masahilo Nakazono Osensei.

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Founded in 2002 to teach and provide direct services, IAALM has provided Kototama studies, professional continuing education, classes and workshops on self-heath care, bodywork, nutrition while quietly providing many thousands of treatments to refugees, homeless citizens, the economically-pressed (compressed, depressed, repressed, suppressed) and many others who fall through the cracks in our society.

Why am I mentioning this? To celebrate good news!

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Recently, Mary Wallis, L. Ac., a Board member of IAALM, posted an appeal on her Facebook page encouraging her readers to contribute to IAALM’s mission of providing the highest quality of Kototama Natural Life Medicine to those who cannot afford such care. Her readers responded and today, IAALM received $230 from 8 anonymous thoughtful people. Thank you!

These monies help offset the expenses of the Institute’s clinical activities, assuring that we can continue our task of providing low cost access to Kototama Life Medicine; as we have been doing for over 16 years. We are blessed by the givers. Thank you, Mary Wallis!

You can donate to The Institute of American Acupunture and Life Medicine through Network For Good by clicking here. 😊

Other notes of interest:

Jason Hackler, D.O.M. L.Ac., has been studying Life Medicine since 1994. In addition to his private practice, he is an Executive Board member of IAALM and teaches Kototama Medicine. He is currently involved in an intensive doctoral degree program at AOMA Graduate School for Integrative Medicine.

Mary Wallis, L.Ac., has been studying Kototama Life Medicine over 10 years and has a private practice in Florissant, MO. She manufactures and sells her “Healing Energy Blanket” and donates a portion of sales to IAALM’s mission. Check out www.

Lindsey Bastedo, LMT, began her studies of Life Medicine 15 months ago after gaining certification in Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.  Lindsey is available in the Student Clinic under the direction of Dr. Duckworth and Dr. Hackler. She is an asset in our efforts to provide quality healthcare and lends professional, administrative and Student support to IAALM’s efforts. To access the Student Clinic, call NLTC (314) 991-6035. To read more about Lindsey’s massage practice check out her website:

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My book, Natural Medicine from the Kitchen, has been an Amazon eBook for almost 2 years and is now available in hard copy from Amazon. All proceeds from the sale of this book (either format) go to the Institute of American Acupuncture & Life Medicine. In addition, if you purchase through AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate a little of its profits to IAALM. This is called “a win-win situation.” To take a look inside and order your copy click here.