Life After Chronic Pain

For years I lived in a chronic state of pain. For those living like that, you know that chronic pain can also develop into chronic emotional pain as you grieve the loss of a quality of life. My first visit to see Dr. Jason Hackler, at Natural Life Therapy Clinic, was truly my Hail Mary to find a new way of living. I write this now with a sparkle back in my eye, because after a few short visits, he was able to give to me what no medical doctor could in years ... my life back. From the acupuncture, treatments, to the knowledge of what my body was doing, how it was responding, what it needed ... Dr. J healed me. He redirected my body to heal itself. He directed me to a newly found appreciation for the power we hold deep within ourselves. I cannot refer him, or NLTC, enough ... nor, can I thank him enough for giving me the quality of life I have dreamed of for so long.