The medicine practiced at Natural Life Therapy Clinic is the lineage reflecting the wide-view, in-depth studies of Japanese natural medicine taught to Sensei Masahilo Nakazono in the 1930', 40's and 50's in Japan and perfected by him in the 1970's and 80's in the United States. 

He completed his acupuncture studies in 1936 under the guidance of Dr. Juzo Motoyama. In 1938 he earned his "Bone Setter Certification". He studied with George Osawa in the 40's and 50's and with Sakai Sensei in the 50's. Masahilo Nakazono, Osensei, master martial artist and healer, studied and practiced medicine in Japan, India, Vietnam, Europe and finally the United States. 

Dr. Thomas Duckworth began his studies with Nakazono Osensei in 1973. in 1977 he began his formal studies of Oriental Medicine and was Sensei's medicine apprentice for ten years. He received his doctorate in Kototama Life Medicine in 1987 for his unique discoveries within the medicine. Masahilo Nakazono, Osensei passed away on October 8, 1994.

Natural Life Therapy Clinic was founded by Dr. Duckworth in 1980 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 1998, Dr. Duckworth and the clinic relocated to St. Louis, Missouri. A year later he asked his senior graduate student, Jason R. Hackler DOM, to come to St. Louis and join his practice. 

Mr. Hackler began his studies of Asian Bodywork and Kototama Life Medicine in 1994. He became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1996, graduated from his four year preceptorship studies with Dr. Duckworth in 1998 and received his Doctor of Oriental Medicine license from the State of New Mexico in 1999. Mr. Hackler has been in continuous advanced studies with Dr. Duckworth during his time in St. Louis. His background as a Spanish language teacher and his experience in teen counseling are assess frequently employed in his practice. 

All acupuncture practitioners at Natural Life Therapy Clinic are Nationally Board Certified (NCCAOM) and licensed in the State of Missouri. All students are directly supervised by certified and licensed practitioners.