Participation as a patient means that you are invested to the best of your ability in all aspects of your healthcare.

Please review the following patient guidelines to make sure you get the most out of each visit. 

Prior to your first visit, we ask that you complete the Patient Intake Form and bring it with you to your scheduled appointment. If you are unable to download or print this form, please arrive 20 minutes early so you can fill out the form in the office.

Please arrive on time for your treatment.

Please keep perfumes and colognes to a minimum due to the type of diagnosis that is provided.

Every treatment you receive is directly influencing your healing energy for 24 hours. To receive the optimal treatment it is imperative that you have no interference with the treatment by shocking your system or allowing other therapies to alter you energies on the same day as your Meridian Therapy session. In addition, it is very important not to over exert yourself for six hours after your session: no alcohol, heavy eating, strenuous exercise of any kind,  or getting excited. You are paying to regain your healing capacity, please allow the healing to take place.

Please do not change your medical prescriptions unless discussed with your practitioner. If you are prescribed a supplement, keep your practitioner updated on any changes that occur. If you are running low on a supplement, please inform your practitioner when your container is about half empty.

Fees are expected at time of service. We accept cash or check only. If you need to set up a payment plan, this must be discussed with your practitioner.

Please note there is a 24-hour cancellation policy.