If you are not familiar with the practice of acupuncture and Meridian Therapy, your first visit can be a bit intimidating. We understand your apprehension and have therefore provided a brief overview of what you can  expect during your treatment sessions. We will gladly answer any other question you may have, just give us a call. 

What is Meridian Therapy and how does it work?

Energy (Ki in Japanese, Qi/Chi in Chinse) flows throughout the body via specific pathways called Meridians. There are over a thousand points on the body where this energy is accessible. Through years of clinical studies, a Meridian Therapist is trained to diagnose and treat this vital energy by competently manipulating it with very fine devices called acupuncture needles, handwork therapy and other natural healing modalities. 

Illness and dis-ease manifest when our life energy is not balanced or circulating properly. Stimulating the correct acupuncture points balances the energy and helps it to circulate optimally, helping a person to regain  health and well being. 

What should I expect at each treatment session?

Adult Sessions

An adult treatment consists generally of acupuncture and a specialized form of handwork termed Te a Te. Moxibustion (heat therapy) is sometimes incorporated as well as breath and movement exercises and dietary/nutritional guidance. Supplements, herbs and homeopathics are prescribed as needed. 

Pediatric Sessions:

Shonishin (needle-less acupuncture and Te a Te (handwork therapy) are utilized with children until they reach age 12. Parents are also shown techniques that they can do at home that will assist with their child's condition and as preventative therapy. Supplements, homeopathics and dietary changes are prescribed as needed. 

How does acupuncture feel?

The practitioners at Natural Life Therapy Clinic are highly trained in the Japanese style of needle therapy. Acupuncture needles are solid and very fine - about the thickness of a human hair. We use 34-40 gauge surgical steel needles which are placed quite shallowly on the body. There are a number of sensations that you might feel. You might experience a tingling or electrical sensation traveling toward or away from the needle. Once in a while you may feel a slight pin prick but this does not bear any resemblance to to the feeling of receiving an injection. Acupuncture provided by a properly trained, qualified licensed practitioner should not be an unpleasant experience. Some people fall asleep during treatment. For your safety, we exclusively use disposable needles. 

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on your condition. Meridian Therapy through Natural Life Therapy Clinic corrects the imbalance that created the need for treatments. Acute problems generally respond fairly quickly; chronic problems may require a series of treatments. The patient's attitude, diet, determination and lifestyle will, of course, affect the outcome and course of treatment. Generally speaking, in the initial stages of correcting a health discrepancy, treatment should be twice a week. 

How will I feel following a treatment?

There are a wide variety of responses to treatment, however, people usually report feeling relaxed and energized. Sometimes symptoms seem to diminish quickly but sometimes symptoms become more prominent. Be patient. If you've been dealing with a condition for years, it may take a few treatment